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Family is Looking for Dog Swiped During Home Invasion

by Fred

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A family from Millbury, Mass. had more than just a few material possessions taken from their home during a break in over this past weekend.  The thieves decided to take the family’s dog, named Katie as well.  Now, her family is offering a sizable reward for information that leads to the safe return of their beloved Katie.

“I just want to get Katie back home,” ten-year-old Blake Samuelson said.

Lori Samuelson is worried about the very remote chance Katie would ever be returned to them.  She said, “My kids are adamant that we’re going to get her back, and it’s so hard to tell them that the chances are slim.  It’s a longshot.”

While out celebrating Blake’s birthday this past Saturday afternoon, the burglars struck.  They managed to break in through a basement window.  Getting past the family’s other dogs seemed not to be a problem for the thieves, as they bypassed them and headed upstairs.

They first made their way to the master bedroom, and completely trashed it while taking jewelry, and a few family heirlooms.  Then they moved on the Blake’s room and took his Xbox 360 gaming system.  It would seem as though Blake is far more concerned with getting Katie back, than worried about the gaming console.

“I don’t care about anything else,” Blake told a local news station in an interview.  “They just; just how they stole the dog and that makes me ill.”

On their way out is when it seems the burglars noticed Katie.  Katie is a rather expensive breed known as a Coton De Tulear, and was only 14-weeks-old.  Katie could most likely bring in a nice chunk of change, so they took her too.

Police do have leads that they are tracking down, and the investigation is ongoing.  Despite having some clues as to what type of vehicle was used and a few other things, the police are keeping the information released to the public to a minimum right now.  They are encouraging people wishing to help out to do so through one of the various social media outlets available, like Facebook.

“Jewelry can be replaced,” said Officer Andrea Warpula with the Millbury Police.  “It’s a loss, but not the same kind of heartfelt loss as when you lose a puppy.”