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Dog Falls in Water Canal, Clings to Life Until Rescued

by Katherine

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On July 3, 2014, Animal Services Sgt. Miguel Hernandez from Riverside County, Calif., responded to call of an animal in distress. The caller, a Coachella Valley Water District employee, stated a German shepherd was clinging to her life along the side of the Coachella Canal, in the city of Indio.

Photo Credit: Riverside County Animal Services
Photo Credit: Riverside County Animal Services


Immediately, Sgt. Hernandez drove to the area and along the Water District employee tried to rescue the dog. It took both men three tries to rescue the pet, and while the rescue took place, they feared the dog would get carried away by the current and sucked into the canal’s siphon. Luckily, the hero rescuers were able to secure and rescue the dog.

Lola and Sgt. Hernandez. Photo Credit: Riverside County Animal Services
Lola and Sgt. Hernandez. Photo Credit: Riverside County Animal Services

Once the pet was on safe ground, she shook the water off her body and wagged her tail happily, as if saying “thanks for saving my life.”

The German shepherd was taken to Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms where a veterinarian checked her. The pet’s paws had been worn out, due to her many attempts to climb out of the concrete canal walls.

“[When found,] she was actually holding her paws up against the wall it seemed like she had her nails really dug into the wall,” said Hernandez.

A microchip was also found and the dog was identified as three-year-old Lola.

Lola’s owner was contacted and the officers learned she had been lost for two days. Miraculously, she had survived her time in the canal. Soon after her rescue, she was reunited with her worried owner.