Family is reunited with missing dog after seeing him on TV

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When Gregg Mohler turned on the television on Monday morning he couldn’t believe what he saw. His missing dog was being featured as the Pet of the Week by the Iowa County Humane Society. It had been four years since Lucky had gone missing from his home in Lone Rock, Wisconsin.

Four years ago, when Lucky was 10-years-old, he ran away from the Mohler family’s home. The family searched animal shelters and placed ads in newspapers looking for their beloved dog, but never found him. On Monday morning Greg Mohler was watching NBC 15’s morning show and noticed a very familiar dog being featured as the Pet of the Week. ”All the sudden it stopped me in my tracks,” said Mohler, who quickly called the Iowa County Humane Society. “The first call was from a gentleman saying ‘You have my dog! I saw him on TV!’” said Cheri Phillmore of the Iowa County Humane Society.

Lucky had been at the Iowa County Humane Society since August. At 14-years-old it was very unlikely that he would get adopted.  This is why the Iowa County Humane Society chose to feature him as the Pet of the Week.  Thanks to that decision Lucky is now at home with his family.

4 thoughts on “Family is reunited with missing dog after seeing him on TV”

  1. Not only should people micro chip their dogs – look at the local shelters for the dogs up for adoption. Thank goodness this shelter at least put him on TV but he could have been on their websote or better yet!

    Yea for Lucky! I hope his last years left will be his best.

  2. If you lose a dog, don’t just call the shelters to see if they have him, GO LOOK for yourself. Shelters are often packed, workers are very busy, their looking is going to be cursory. Look for yourself.

  3. Absolutely Monica, MICROCHIP is not only the way to go, but you have to REGISTER that Microchip too. I hear so often that yeah, the dog has a chip, but it isn’t registered to anyone, so it does no good, and that is a total waste. If you are going to go through the bother and expense of micro chipping your animal, at least register it. Then if something unforeseen happens, you stand a much better chance of being reunited. Your furry friend is worth the trouble don’t you think?

  4. I lost two of my dogs for three days. The local shelter took our information but said that it would be best if we came and checked ourselves just to be sure, which we did. On the third day they called us as soon as they opened to tell us that they thought our two dogs had just been turned in. Happy ending, we now have all our dogs microchipped too.


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