Family Mourns Murdered Service Dog: Reward Offered

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Nine-year-old Alle Nolan is lost without her service dog, Toby, and the autistic child’s mother says she can’t understand why someone stole their dog, only to kill it and dump it in their front yard days later. 

“Communication is a big frustration for her,” says her mother, Kelley Nolan. She worries about her daughter shutting down in the absence of her companion. Nolan says that despite the fact that she can’t vocalize it, Alle is aware of his absence.

“She plays with his toys, and she has toys he played with her and she looks for him. She goes from room to room checking for him periodically,” Nolan said. “He slept with her at night. If she’d get up, he’d let us know. It’s things that we spent three years teaching him to look out for her. We trained him to be her best friend and second pair of eyes.”

Last Tuesday, neighborhood children witnessed a caucasian woman with blonde hair putting Toby in a Dodge Charger before speeding away from the family’s Moncks Corner, S.C. home.

The family spent days searching for their lost dog. That search came to a tragic end on Sunday when Kelley Nolan found Toby dead in her front yard. “He was half in the ditch, half in the yard,” she said, choking back tears. “There was still blood coming from his mouth. They had done blunt force trauma to his head, like a baseball bat.”

She sobs as she struggles to grasp the motive of Toby’s killer. “I just cannot understand how someone could be so cruel. Not only because he was our family member but because he was a special dog,” she said.

A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for Toby’s death. Those with information are urged to contact the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 719-4412.

8 thoughts on “Family Mourns Murdered Service Dog: Reward Offered”

  1. My sympathy goes out to the Nolan family, especially Alle. I hope they find the witch who did this, convict her, and throw away the key. What’s next? Kidnapping someone’s child and leaving their body in the front yard? The person(s) who perpetrated this heinous act is psychotic, and that could be the next step in their deranged thought process. The perpetrator(s) of this crime is a menace to society and needs to be caught and put away for a long, long time. Perhaps the search could begin by pulling up information about Dodge Chargers registered in the state, especially if witnesses know the color and approximate year of the car (they’ve only been in production since 2005).

  2. I think they killed the dog because they were angry about the publicity this had generated. Obviously she wanted to sell the dog and it was impossible because so many people had seen the story. I feel so sorry for the family and especially Alle. What a horrible thing to do! There was no reason to kill this dog, except spite.

  3. The little girl and her family will heal and find peace.
    The people or person who did this will rot in hell. I don’t know why some are so evil but they will pay for the evil that they have done.
    Toby will be with his maker and he will know peace and happiness.
    I do hope that family find another dog for their child and they should know that when they do Toby will be watching over them and helping that new dog out.

  4. Someone out there knows who the evil and vile person or persons who did this and they must do the right thing and tell the authorities. This is a real sicko/sickos and must be punished for what they have done because it has been proven that animal abusers move on to humans (yup, kids and the elderly and other animals that can’t protect them selves) I hope Toby bite the hell out of those who took him before they murdered him. PLEASE PLEASE HELP FIND THE SICKOS WHO DID THIS AND MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE PUNISHED. If this were my dog I would track them down even if it took forever but when I did find them I WOULD make sure that they rotted in jail where they belong.


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