Family Outraged by Mailman’s Murder of Their Yorkie

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5.23.14 - Mailman Killed Dog2

A Fort Worth, Texas family is grieving the loss of their 10-pound Yorkie, who they say was brutally murdered by their postman.  No arrest has been made so far, but both the police and US Postal Service are investigating the incident.

Lawrence Brown was working in his garage when he heard a sudden commotion and dog whimpering.  When he came to see what was going on, he saw the mailman walking by and confronted him.

“At the time, I didn’t know it was my wife’s dog. I just heard a loud yell,” he said.  “So when I looked at the postman as he was walking up the street, I asked him, ‘What did you do to that dog?’  He said, ‘I got me one.’

“I said, ‘You got one?  Did you Mace him?’ ‘No, I hit him with a rock.’”

Maxwell had gotten out of the yard and had been struck by the mailman. Lawrence says the man said “I did what I had to do.”

He was shocked.  He and his wife Taiesha could not believe what happened.  They took Maxwell to a veterinarian, who informed them that their five-year-old dog’s skull was fractured and he had a severe spinal cord injury.  Nothing could be done to save him, and they were forced to euthanize him.

The Browns filed an animal cruelty charge with the police, who are now investigating.

The USPS sent this statement to NBC 5:

The Postal Service takes the issue of dog bite prevention very seriously. We are saddened at the loss of the customer’s pet. Local postal officials are conducting a thorough investigation and will take appropriate action, as needed, pending the results. We understand that in this instance, the letter carrier was defending himself from a dog attack. Letter carriers receive information on how to remain safe while delivering mail in order to avoid dog bites and attacks; including backing away from a dog, not making direct eye contact with the dog, and not handing mail over to a customer–especially a child. Postal officials will address this situation to ensure that letter carriers follow recommended actions to avoid dog attacks/bites in the future.

Lawrence and Taiesha, who have no children, says Maxwell was like a child to them.  They are unconvinced by the letter carrier’s story, as they say their dog was never aggressive.  In addition, the mailman has been in the area for a long time and knows all of the dogs in the neighborhood.

“For almost five years, he’s seen my dog every day and he knows that that’s our dog,” Taiesha said.  “It is very heartbreaking for me, you just deal with it one day at a time.”







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  1. As a dog lover I hurt for the owner and think this was overkill. Yet, walking my dogs I am constantly confronted with loose dogs and owners with attitudes when challenged about that. The owners allowing a dog to be loose is wrong also.

  2. All letter carriers I have encountered over the last 20+ years carry dog spray. Bashing a 10 pound Yorkie is a heinous act. The postal worker needs to lose his job and have charges pressed. If they don’t do something, I can already see the headlines in a couple of months “Postal worker kills co workers”. This guy has a serious problem and needs to be dealt with.

    • Every time I read a comment like yours – and that goes for all comments in this thread – i’m going to to set a $20 bill aside until i’m finished reading them. Then, i’m going to mail this postman whatever that total ends up being, with a note thanking him for killing that disgusting, vomit-inducing mop dog.

        • i don’t need ‘help’. i’m not the one making excuses for allowing yorkies to live. that’s a breed that needs to go extinct and each one that dies is one step closer. and i don’t care how big your dog is, if it’s biting people it’s vicious. it’s not ‘cute’, and if it bites me i’ll shoot it.

  3. I hope that someone starts a petition to have this man fired.
    What could a little Yorkie do to him that he had to take his life?
    This is a sick person because they say that murderers always
    start with animals then move up to humans.
    Would not feel safe even to let my children around such a man.
    He got one means that he was planning to kill for a long time and
    that he got a kick out of it.
    I live abroad,so starting a petition would be difficult for me.

  4. Where are these cowardly bullies coming from? Police, mailmen, what kind of fools and mentally unstable people are they hiring? Obviously this guy has a grudge and anger management issues. Get his name, address and picture and the specific post office he works for on social media. Shame him, sue him; if the police don’t pursue it, file a civil suit. Make his life as miserable as possible. There is just no excuse for this sort of thing.

    • And it’s a much more prevalent problem with abusive killer cops. This young power-tripping generation who grew up playing video games where you shoot everyone to death…they’re now patrolling the streets as our “protectors”. Ask yourself if you feel safe anymore when you see a cop approaching? I sure as hell don’t.

  5. He won’t be fired. Let’s not be naive. I’m a former USPS employee (management/non union). This carrier probably won’t even be assigned to a new route because of this…and that’s all because HE’S UNION and they bid on these routes and it’s part of their employment contract. You can’t just do whatever you like with them or fire them when you like. He’s got a union steward and union representation that will go to bat for him and NOTHING will be done and you can see that for yourself when you read the statement from USPS at the district level in Ft. Worth, where they state they will make sure employees get training on avoiding “attacks/bites” in the future. What does this mean? It means that they aren’t going to do CRAP to him besides have him sign a statement that he received a talking to and maybe a little refresher training module on the computer back at district on Mark IV Parkway.

    So…thank you all you brain dead union supporting morons. Because this is the effect of having unions these days. You get substandard service and substandard employees who you need an act of congress to get rid of. He could kill another dog tomorrow. He still won’t be fired. About the only thing that would get him fired any time this decade is theft of mail or some felonious assault against a fellow employee or customer.

    • Your claim that the USPS cannot fire this individual because he is “Union” is completely false. This idea that workers who belong to labor unions cannot ever be fired for any reason no matter what they do is a MYTH – ask yourself, is that even logical? No, it is not. And before you get on your high horse about being a “management/non-union” postal worker, let me tell you the source of my information – I am a retired labor and employment attorney, and I worked exclusively on the management side. We advised employers in disputes with union employees all the time, and it’s simply not true that union workers can’t be fired. They have contractual protections, and the employer cannot violate the terms of the contract, and that is the extent of what “union” means. Do you think ANY employer, any company, any organization in this country would agree to a contract that specified employees couldn’t be fired for murdering another employee, stealing money from the till, never showing up for work, being late all the time, sexual harassment, sleeping on the job, whatever? People just don’t think or they would realize this. There is no law nor any contract that protects anyone from the consequences of committing a crime or a civil tort for that matter. You don’t have to like unions, but at least be realistic and honest. This egregious act is most definitely a termination offense because it was willful, intentional, malicious, and outside the scope of this person’s job, and the action he took was far out of proportion to the threat should he try to claim that he was being “attacked” and in “fear for his life.” So stop trying to inflame everyone against the postal service and unions. It’s irrelevant to this story anywayl

    • Serious what did you manage? The toilets? I also work for the post office ( union, yes ) I am appalled at what this carrier did. I am the biggest animal lover! The post office does not like publicity like this! He may be fired! They give us mace, not rocks to handle aggressive dogs. I do agree totally that a 10 Lb. yorkie Is no threat. Did you lose your job at the post office? Is that why you talk like that?

  6. That mailman is garbage, a real man would not feel threatened by a 10 lb doggy. Are you really such a piece of shit coward that your stupid ass had to kill him? This bastard did it for fun, sure seems like it. Why can’t they toss him into a big angry crowd so we can beat the living shit out of him and leave his dead body in the road to get ran over? I’d laugh and spit in his face.

    RIP baby Maxwell


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