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Family Pet Dies after Car Thieves Take Vehicle and Dog

by Katherine

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On August 17, 2013, the Mateo family stopped at a Studio City clothing store in the Los Angeles area and left their beloved 10-year old Labrador, Maru, sleeping in the running air conditioned mini van. Less than a minute later, thieves took off in the van taking Maru with them.

“I’m just so afraid about her, you know, that something bad is going to happen,” Nayo Mateo, Maru’s owner told KTLA.

Two days later, Maru was found dead inside the vehicle. Authorities believe the thieves left the dog inside and Maru died from heat exhaustion.

The car was found by police in a parking lot not too far away from where it was originally taken and Senior Lead Officer Mike Lewis had to call the Mateo family to give them the heart breaking news.

Maru was lying on the floor of the car, on the driver’s side.

The Mateo family is grieving the loss of their pet. They had taken Maru when she was only weeks old and had shared with her 10 memorable years.