Hoarder’s 82 Small Breed Dogs Get Rescued but Help Is Needed

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On August 22, 2013, authorities in Melbourne, Australia, removed 82 small breed dogs from a hoarding situation. Most of the suffering animals were Jack Russell terriers. The hoarder was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty.

The removal of the dogs took place after authorities received tips informing them there were many dogs on the property that seemed to be in bad health.

Photo Credit: RSPCA Victoria
Photo Credit: RSPCA Victoria


According to an RSPCA Victoria release, animal welfare inspectors believed they were going to rescue 60 dogs from the property. However when rescuers arrived at the home, they realized there were many more animals in need of rescue. The total number of animals taken away from the property grew from 60 to 82.

Animal welfare personnel assessed the situation and concluded the animals were not used for breeding purposes. The dogs were simply part of a hoarding situation that grew out of control.

For now all animals are under the care of RSPCA Victoria and the organization is asking the community to make donations in order to care, treat, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for all dogs.


3 thoughts on “Hoarder’s 82 Small Breed Dogs Get Rescued but Help Is Needed”

  1. Im not suggesting that this is a good sound situation. But there are 2 sides to it. Yes the dogs were too many in numbers and there is no way possible that the animals were getting what they needed and deserve. The flip side is they weren’t for breeding and the hoarding situation got out of control. Please think about the people. Lord only knows what the people were thinking or what issues they may be dealing with.

    • This is a web site about Dogs.

      Most of the problems that Dogs face these days, are BECAUSE of what people put them through, so no, I do not have sympathy for the people, I only care about the Dogs.

  2. I am so happy you found and rescued these poor starving dogs. Praying they get loving homes and the vet care they need. Steps need to be taken to make sure these people who may have been trying to do good, do not own pets again.


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