Family Pet Escapes after Burglar Leaves Door Open

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On a Friday, July 19, Greg Razer’s home in Kansas City, Mo., was robbed. The burglar(s) took off with some of Razer’s electronics forgetting to close the door behind them as they left the property. This was the reason why Razer’s beloved Basset Hound named Rufus ran away from home.

Photo Credit: Greg Razer
Photo Credit: Greg Razer

The good news is that it only took Razer and his girlfriend, Jenna Tarantino, 36 hours to reunite with Rufus.

According to KCTV5, tow truck driver Chris Page met Rufus while responding to a car accident emergency call on Saturday. He decided to take the dog in while his owners were found.

“His nails were groomed.  He didn’t stink like he had been on the run. The only thing missing was a collar. I could tell he had somebody out there,” Page told KCTV5.

Razer used Facebook and Craiglist to try to find his dog, and on Friday night local news station ran a short news report on the missing dog. Lucky for Rufus, the towing company owner had seen the news report and immediately told Page he knew who Rufus’s owners were. They got in touch with Razer and Tarantino, and scheduled to meet for an emotional reunion.

Read the original report at KCTV5 and watch the video.