Sato Project Opening Sanctuary in Boston for Rescued Puerto Rican Dogs

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The Sato Project, a rescue organization dedicated to rescuing the abused and abandoned dogs of Puerto Rico, is finally recognizing its dream of building a sanctuary for the dogs that have been helped. They are opening a sanctuary, which will be located at Shultz’s Guest House in Boston, Massachusetts.

The 200 acre farm House is full of gorgeous rolling hills and lawns, with the Charles River running through it all. It will be such a reprieve from the horror that these dogs experienced in Puerto Rico! Each dog will have their own personal indoor kennel, equipped with air conditioning and heating, with an attached run, all located at a renovated horse barn.

Boston SanctuaryIn addition, each dog will have their own outdoor play space, as well as a “socialization” and fenced-in play area the size of a football field. It is a dream come true to all the staff at the Sato Project.

The first rescued dogs will arrive from Puerto Rico to Boston on July 31st. These are dogs that have been mentally and physically abused in unimaginable ways and will learn to trust and love again as a result of this sanctuary.

Though the sanctuary was an incredible opportunity that the Sato Project could not pass up, they will need assistance in transporting the dogs, sponsorship and in finding volunteers to maintain it.

If you are interested in contributing to the transportation expenses of the first 10 dogs arriving from Puerto Rico, you can check out their Chip-in Campaign. They are very close to their goal of $15,000 and the campaign ends in two days!

In addition, if you live in the Boston area and would like to be a volunteer at the sanctuary, please fill out the volunteer application at and then send to [email protected].

For adoptions, contact [email protected] and for fundraising opportunities, please email [email protected] with Boston Fundraising as the title of to the email.


The Sato Project is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused animals in Puerto Rico. One of their most famous projects is The Dead Dog Beach Project, rescuing dogs from a beach that is famous for being a dumping ground for abandoned dogs to die or be abused. They also work to rescue animals from being euthanized as many of the shelters in Puerto Rico have a euthanasia rate of 99%! In addition, they run heart worm prevention projects and campaigns to educate the public on the importance of spay/neuter and respecting animal life.

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  1. Hi I’m a Dog Lover, I have 4 chihuaha dogs at home. I daily feed as many streets dogs as posible thats my call. I have rescuite 6 one moth old dogs, mother is a beutiful Pitbull father posible boxer thats always with her. I have been taking good care of them , but I’m offreid of they future so hear I am surching for help.

  2. Hi
    I just heard about you and I am hoping you may be able to help.I have contact with a person in Moca, Puerto Rico that has rescued 7 dogs from horrible conditions.One of the dogs she rescued the owner got entoxcicated and just cut off the dogs leg.I am willing to pay for air transportation ,nueterd, vaccines etc.Can you please help.I really want to help.Thank You for caring.
    Boni Hall

  3. I am flying to Boston on May 22, 2019 on Jet Blue. I am aware I can take a small dog that fits in front of the seat. Do you need me to deliver one to Boston?


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