Family Prayers Answered: Oreo the Dog Survives Deadly Arkansas Tornado

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On Sunday May 27, 2014, Vilonia, Ark., was hit with a massive tornado that destroyed many homes leaving thousands of families homeless and claiming the lives of eight community members. Among those affected were any family pets, including Wade Lentz’s dog named Oreo.

Lentz, the pastor of the local Baptist church, was home with his wife and three kids when the sirens went off. His home had been the victim in a previous twister, but he was reluctant to abandon it because he had faith they would survive this storm again. His wife, however, felt they were in eminent threat and convinced her husband to leave the home and find refuge somewhere else.

The family of five packed up in their van and headed towards Lentz’s parents’ home, but in the middle of the chaotic evacuation, their small dog was lost.

The Lentz family and their miracle dog Oreo. The canine survived a deadly tornado.
The Lentz family and their miracle dog Oreo. The canine survived a deadly tornado.


After the storm passed the family returned to their home only to find out the house had been blown away completely and there was nothing left. Their dog Oreo was nowhere to be found.

Fearing the worse, the faithful family prayed asking for a miracle, the safe return of their pet. This miracle happened two days later, when the canine emerged from the debris with just a minor cut to his leg.

According to NBC Nightly News Lentz believes Oreo got sucked up in the twister and somehow landed safely in a spot from where it was able to make its way back.

No matter how it happened, the Letzs are just thankful their family is safe, and best of all that theirĀ  dog is alive and back with them again.


6 thoughts on “Family Prayers Answered: Oreo the Dog Survives Deadly Arkansas Tornado”

  1. “from where it was able to make its way back”

    It? Really? Was it too much trouble for the writer of this article to find out whether Oreo is a male or a female dog and assign a gender instead of an “it”? (Especially when it’s pretty obvious in the photo…)

  2. I didn’t even notice the date. Hopefully, that’s not a premonition, but instead proof that the article wasn’t edited very well. If at all…

  3. HOW did the dog “get lost” in the middle of the evacuation? Don;t you make sure he is in the vehicle like you do your children. Sounds like they left him behind, or forgot him. “got lost” is very vague. did he run out the door? did he jump out of the car?

  4. Dogs can very easily “get lost”. It’s so easy for them to bolt at a moments notice if they get the chance. If someone was carrying Oreo he could have wriggled free when he was panicing, he could have ran off when they opened the door. I had a little dog who could slip through the tiniest gap in the door to bolt out the front door no matter how hard we tried to stop her.

    (Oh and before all you haters go accusing me of animal abuse and that my dog hated me, she was a rescue and quite old when we got her, she was never really our dog. She was happy with us and we loved her but she never quite bonded with us).

  5. I love this story. Another reporter on a different site mentioned that Oreo was boarded earlier in the year while his family was on vacation. He escaped from the boarder’s facility, and found his way back to his house. What a funny little fella. : )


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