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UPDATE: Valentine’s Day Dog Learns How to Walk After Reconstructive Leg Surgery

by Katherine

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In March we introduced you to Cupid,a then three-month-old hound dog found by a Good Samaritan ditched in a Minnesota snow bank suffering from deformities to his face and front legs. Ruff Start Rescue and animal lovers across the country helped the injured pet get back to 100 percent health.

Photo Credit: Cupid's Second Chance/Facebook
Photo Credit: Cupid’s Second Chance/Facebook

The canine underwent reconstructive leg surgery at the University of Minnesota, where veterinarians removed a small piece of bone from each leg and then reset them. The dog wore splints for months, allowing his front legs to heal and mend in a straight position. This week, the love puppy got his splints removed and his legs are back to normal.

Cupid needs to learn how to walk with his straight legs, but he is doing amazing and is expect to run and rump like any normal dog.

Watch this Facebook video to see Cupid waddling along with his straightened legs.

Since his story broke national news, thousands of animal lovers submitted applications to adopt the former handicap dog. Ruff Start Rescue is no longer accepting applications, but they are studying each potential candidate and narrowing down Cupid’s perfect forever home.

The national attention this canine’s story received also brought in thousands of donations that paid for Cupid’s surgery and recovery plan, as well as helping many other dogs from the organization get healthy and find loving homes.

Cupid, we wish you the best! We hope to see you running strong pretty soon and placed in your forever home.