Family reunited with their lost blind dog in time for the holidays

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lizzyOn Friday night the Young family got a special message from Santa Claus. Their blind dog Lizzy, who had been missing for a month, was found.

Right before Thanksgiving Emma Young was taking Lizzy for a walk when the dog took off. The family searched for the rat terrier but could find no sign of her.  Lizzy had become a member of the Young family back in September, but Dayna Young and her children had instantly fallen in love with her. When Dayna had brought Lizzy home she became concerned because Lizzy started running into things, and her eyes were clouded over. She soon realized Lizzy was blind. Knowing Lizzy was blind and alone the Young’s were fearful for their dog and not sure if they would find her.

Not too long after Lizzy went missing a bus driver found Lizzy alone, wandering the streets. He brought her to the Michiana Humane Society on November 27th.  Lizzy unfortunately did not have anything identifying her as belonging to the Youngs. Staff at the shelter noticed one of Lizzy’s eyes was infected and after an examination by veterinarians it was concluded that both Lizzy’s eyes would have to be removed.

The surgery would cost around $1,000. The shelter needed help in order to afford LIzzy’s surgery, so they started posting on Facebook. That’s when an anonymous surgeon stepped forward and volunteered to do the surgery for free.

Once Lizzy recovered from her surgery the shelter started getting her ready for adoption. An article was run on Lizzy in the local newspaper. Dayna Young’ mother saw the article and contacted her daughter. On Friday morning Dayna went to the shelter to see if the dog in the paper was really Lizzy. “She came out of the door and I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Dayna said. “I wanted to just come in and pet her.”

Staff at the shelter decided to draft a letter from Santa and send it to the Young family for their children. The letter read:  “I was checking my naughty and nice list in your neighborhood and I saw a little dog who was lost. It was very cold so I took her with me in my sleigh to keep her warm. Because I’m so busy I brought the dog to the Michiana Humane Society, maybe you can go check and see if it is Lizzy.”

The entire Young family went to the shelter on Saturday morning to be reunited with Lizzy. There were lots of hugs, kisses and doggy treats during the reunion. The family is looking forward to a happy holiday now that Lizzy is home.