Family Visits Shelter and Re-adopts Dog They Thought Was Dead

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Photo Credit: Fawn Cole/Facebook
Photo Credit: Fawn Cole/Facebook

Tennessee residents Deidre Cole and her husband went out of town on vacation and left Fawn, their dog, under the care of Best Friends Critter Sitter. When they returned, they learned their dog had died. Weeks later the Coles visited the local shelter to re-adopt the dog they thought was dead.

When the Coles came back home they faced the devastating news their pet dog had passed away.

“You know, Iā€™m so sorry, but Fawn died,ā€ Cole told WSMV TV. Those were the words Best Friends Critter Sitter’s owner told the heart broken pet owner.

Cole was also told her dog died peacefully in her sleep and the boarding facility buried her, however this was not true. While searching online for another companion dog, the pet owner came across a picture of a dog resembling Fawn very closely.

The dog owner contacted the shelter located in Putnam County and was told the dog they believed to be Fawn had been picked up by animal control badly injured. The dog required stitches and once nursed back to health, she was placed for adoption.


As soon as the Coles arrived at the shelter and met the pet, they knew the dog was Fawn. The little pet was excited to see her owners and couldn’t stop wagging her tail or licking her humans’ faces.

The shelter did not reunite Fawn with her family before because the dog had not been microchipped, but she is now registered.

Deidre Cole wants to know the truth of what happened to her pet. She is not interested in suing Best Friends Critter Sitter, she just wants an apology and to learn the truth.

“Tell me the truth and apologize, that’s all I’m asking,” she said. “I don’t want to sue her. I don’t want money.”

Best Friends Critter Sitter has not made any public declarations on this matter, and with no legal actions being taken, we might never know what went wrong.

The good news is that Fawn is alive and back home safe where she belongs.

8 thoughts on “Family Visits Shelter and Re-adopts Dog They Thought Was Dead”

  1. Sometimes the only way to get answers IS to sue…otherwise they will just ignore you and do it again.


  3. Yes, I’m afraid I’d be suing. Not for money or the like, but simply because I’d wish to prevent it happening again to anyone else and their furbabies.

  4. Sad story- but about that article… The writer is supposedly a person with an advanced degree and yet they wrote the story in a very jagged and out of order fashion. The first paragraph progresses to where the dog is reunited with the owners at a shelter. The next line refers to the people coming home to learn the dog id dead. If read sequentially a reader might think that the people were told not only by the boarding facility that the dog was dead, but then again told this by the shelter upon returning home from there. Place information in an article in chronological order. This is a very poorly written article and I thought maybe it was written by a child in junior high and certainly not by an educated adult. As for the story- I hope the people get answers and that they will find peace.


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