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Family’s dog steps up and starts nursing and caring for stray kitten


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mittensPat Weber’s grandson found a stray kitten in their Minnesota barn earlier this month. The kitten was only days old, ice cold and the Weber family wasn’t sure if it was even alive. Pat did feel it move though, so she took the kitten in and wrapped it up in a warm towel. When the cat began to meow, Pat’s four-year-old Pekingese Mittens stepped up to take care of the kitten.

Mittens hadn’t had a litter in over 2 years, but maternal instincts kicked right in. She began to lick the kitten and allowed the kitten to suckle. Three days later Mittens actually began producing milk. The kitten, that the Minnesota family is now calling Bootsie, now nurses from Mittens.

The Weber family is shocked by this miracle. They are also thrilled to have Bootsie as an addition to their family.