MMA Fighter Gordon Shell retires from fighting but not from fighting for dogs

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Gordon Shell, a mixed martial artist, got the news from doctors that he would need to stop fighting due to a heart condition. Gordon fought his last MMA fight on September 15th. He is not done fighting though. He may no longer be able to fight mixed martial arts but he is determined to fight for dogs.  Specifically, he is focusing on helping the many homeless dogs in Detroit who are fighting for their lives.

Even though he was told not to fight anymore, Gordon did one last MMA fight on September 15th. All the proceeds from Gordon’s last fight were donated to the Michigan Humane Society. He fought one last fight for those who can’t defend themselves. The funds will be used to raise awareness of animal cruelty and also to support Michigan Humane Society’s free pit bull sterilization program. The program offers free spay or neuter surgery of pit bull-type dogs.

Gordon has two rescue dogs of his own. He has been fighting for the cause of dogs for a while. When the news broke about Michael Vick’s dog fighting Shell was appalled. “It’s a whole different genre when you talk about dog fighting. They don’t choose to fight, and they don’t have referees and they don’t have the option to stop when they are injured,” Gordon said. He was so disgusted he challenged Vick to a fight. Vick never accepted that challenge.

Gordon is also bringing awareness to his fight for the dogs by being part of a documentary, “The Dog Fighter”. The documentary covers his final fight and his work to help the dogs of Detroit. It is planned to be released around Thanksgiving. The proceeds from the film will go to the Michigan Humane Society.


12 thoughts on “MMA Fighter Gordon Shell retires from fighting but not from fighting for dogs”

  1. God sees what you’re doing! By His unmerited Favor and Grace may He heal your great heart, for by the stripes on Jesus Back we ARE Healed! May He bless you to continue your work on behalf of dogs for years to come.

  2. Sorry to hear about your hearth condition. And happy to hear you will go on fighting for the dogs. Especially pit bulls need it.
    I have never met a pit pull. They are banned here in Denmark. But I have watched a lot of videos here and a lot of ‘Dog whisperer’ episodes. They seem to be great dogs. And they do not deserve to suffer what they do because of theier breed. Neither to any other dogs or animals deserve to suffer. But it seems like in the United States Pit Bulls suffer more than any other breeds.
    Thank you Gordon Shell.

    • Life is to short to harbor hate. Well I’m sorry , I despise vick. He’s definitely a coward and weak. It’s a shame he should of consented to that fight, he would of received,what he deserved and then some. I feel sorry for the eagles,That’s what you get when you make the wrong decision, Good luck to the Eagles anyway.

  3. Gordon if I were to choose my hero, it would
    Be you. There are no words strong enough to
    Say Thank You for everything that you are
    Doing for these dogs <3

  4. Micheal Vick is the best he don’t have to fight he received his punishment 2 years n jail n he also apologized n God forgave him…so dat mean he don’t have to fight to prove nun to pple dat still hate him he is a football player not a fighter


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