Father, daughter, and dog all rescued after fall from cliff

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It was a cold night in Clackamas County Oregon for and 11 year old girl and her father.  The pair fell over a cliff yesterday afternoon while trying to rescue their dog, who had fallen over after wandering away from home.  Maggie, a Saint Bernard, could not get back up and in their efforts to bring him to safety both took a slide down the embankment, Craig Casterline falling about 70 feet and his daughter Emily sliding about 30 feet before grabbing onto a tree.

They spent part of the night stuck above the Molalla River as hail and wet conditions made it impossible to get out on their own.  Fortunately members of the Clackamas Fire District No. 1’s specialty rope team came to the rescue, using high angle rope rescue techniques to bring all 3 out safely and unharmed.  Casterline was nearly hypothermic, but  in good spirits and relieved that no one was hurt.  Casterline said he was “a little bit cold” but “very happy that I can feel my toes again and nothing’s broken.”

Screen Shot 2012 11 10 at 11.45.53 AMHis daughter Emily was praised by officials for remaining calm throughout, even though she was very concerned about both her father and Maggie. “It was slippery, a little scary, but once in a while I had a little giggle.”  It was a happy reunion at the top for the trio and a big sigh of relief that tragedy was avoided thanks to the skill and efforts of the rescue crews.