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Father Risks Life to Save Son’s Dog From Alligator Attack


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Rascal was saved by his owner's father from an alligator attack

Anibal Vientos is nothing short of a hero after he jumped into a canal to save his son’s dog from being attacked by an alligator.

The incident took place at Mill Slough Dog Park in Kissimmee, Florida. Rascal, a 6-year-old Boxer, is usually a big fan of the water and enjoys swimming.

At a happy outing to the dog park, things quickly took a turn for the worse. Brian, Anibal’s son and Rascal’s owner, heard splashing and then watched as an alligator attacked his dog.

“I immediately knew something was wrong,” Brian said.

The alligator continued to pull Rascal beneath the surface of the water. At one point, Brian states that Rascal was under the water for over a minute and he feared the worse.

Without any hesitation, Anibal ran to the water to help save Rascal from the attack.

“That’s how much I love him,” Anibal said. “I didn’t worry about myself. I just wanted to get him out of the water.”

Despite not being a strong swimmer, Anibal managed to get Rascal out of the water and into safety after two attempts.

Remarkably, Rascal only suffered from two gashes on his neck. He was extremely exhausted and out of breath after he was pulled out of the water.

“[Rascal] was just floating basically. We thought he was dead,” Anibal said, stating that he was terrified during the ordeal.

“It’s the closest thing I have to a child,” Brian said. “It was heartbreaking.”

Brian also stated that his dad is his hero, and Rascal’s as well.

“When we come home that’s what we see,” Anibal said. “The big eyes. The big smile. Every time you come in and out of the house, that’s all you see. Him happy to see us.”

Residents of the area reported that an alligator has been spotted several times. They believe the alligator to be approximately four feet long.

Out of concern for other dogs and children that play in the area, Brian has filed a report with Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Rascal is doing well and expected to fully recover.