Fifty Dogs Found Living in Filth Get Rescued

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In Valencia, Spain, 50 Andalucian podenco dogs were found living in deplorable conditions inside a small room in La Font d’en Carròs. All dogs suffered from skin ailments, were malnourished, had fleas, ticks and were extremely scared. What’s worse, the animals were tied with short length chains to floors and walls and had no access to water.

Andalucian podencos get rescued.
Andalucian podencos get rescued.


Local animal rescue organization Galgos112 came to the rescue of these innocent animals this past Saturday, when they received reports that police found the 50 dogs in a nearby house.

“The scene was just horrible,” Dani Carbonell, volunteer for Galgos112 told La Voz de Galicia. “There were 47 dogs tied inside the hell hole and three or four dogs outside.”

According to Carbonell, the animals were not able to move because they were tied to the walls or floors with short chains measuring 4 to 10 in. There was no food or water in sight, the room was filthy with the animals’ own urine and feces, and the room was extremely hot.

Veterinarians from Galgos112 examined all animals as these were taken out of the room and found most of them had lost their hair and were extremely thin. Local residents along other local rescue groups stepped in to foster and care for the animals. Now the dogs wait to find their forever loving homes.

Dogs tied with short chains
Dogs tied with short chains


“Andalucian podenco is not a well-know breed and finding potential adopters will be a difficult task,” said Carbonell. “These dogs are good dogs and need families that will love and respect them.”

Spain does not have strong animal abuse laws and the few that are set in place are hardly enforced. The owner of the 50 dogs is a local dog breeder who claims the animals were well taken care of. He was given an administrative fine but the suffering the dogs endured and the poor conditions in which they lived is not considered a crime.

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