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Fighting Cancer: Bubbles’ Will to Live

by Katherine

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In Baltimore, Md., a two-year-old, female, Neapolitan mastiff mix breed dog was walking down the streets as a stray when she met her guardian angel. A woman was on her way to work when the she was taken aback by what she encountered: a friendly black dog with a deformed face.

The good Samaritan knew this kind soul needed help, and she didn’t hesitate to take the dog to Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS). BARCS contacted Noah’s Ark Recue help save this dog and offer her a better quality of life.

Photo Credit: Noah's Ark Rescue
Photo Credit: Noah’s Ark Rescue

The canine is now known as Bubbles, and after numerous consultations, x-rays, scans and a biopsy, veterinarians and canine cancer specialists concluded that Bubbles suffers from Multilobular Osteochondrosarcoma (MLO) – bone cancer.

The mass on her face is growing from Bubbles’ cheek bone and is filled with blood. The slit you see on her face is not a skin rupture caused by the growing mass, but her eye slit.

Scans show her eye is intact but it has been displaced out of its socket. The scans also show that there are cancerous masses growing in her lungs, but these are slow-growing masses and not considered life-threatening at this time. Bubbles is underweight and anemic, but veterinarians believe the facial tumor can be removed and her cancer can be treated with chemotherapy and radiation. This treatment will likely give Bubbles four or five more years of life.

“The fact someone abandoned [Bubbles] in this condition is INHUMANE and TRAGIC,” posted Noah’s Ark Rescue on Bubbles’ page.  “I am so glad we have her. She is a young dog that we are hopeful can live at least 4-5 more years with the surgery.  If we do nothing, she will die within several months.”

The surgery has been scheduled for Monday, Nov. 25, 2013. It will be a complicated procedure and surgeons expect Bubbles will suffer major blood loss, but they are preparing for this and other complications.

“Our sweet girl is going to need several blood transfusions to survive the procedure,” posted Noah’s Ark Rescue. “Once the mass is removed, she will have reconstructive surgery to restore as much of her face as possible. If at any point during the procedure she has complications that will take away from her quality of life, we will say good-bye to her during surgery.”

No animal deserves to live life in such terrible conditions and veterinarians say Bubbles’ condition worsened over time. Her owner probably abandoned her because of it and she had been on the streets for quite come time.

“[Bubbles] is a happy girl that loves everyone. We love her and so admire her courage,” posted Noah’s Ark. “She has made the best of a terrible situation.  Whatever she needs, she will now get. Her life isn’t over, it just got better.”

If you would like to contribute towards Bubbles’ medical expenses please donate at You can also find updates on Bubbles’ surgery there.

Let’s keep Bubbles in our prayers and hope for a speedy recovery. She still has lots of life to live and love to receive.