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Stray Dog Seeking Refuge in Church Gets “Prayers” Answered

by Katherine

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Two weekends ago, a dirty, hungry, stray mixed breed dog showed up at a church in Monticello, Ark. Many parishioners say the dog was seeking refuge, love and rescue, but before his “prayers” were answered the poor soul got sent to the pound.

When the four-legged parishioner arrived for services, he greeted people and searched for a helping hand. His friendly demeanor was rewarded with temporary shelter inside the pastor’s car.

Preacher at  the vet. Photo Credit: Last Hope K9 Rescue.
Preacher at the vet. Photo Credit: Last Hope K9 Rescue.

An Animal Control officer who attended church services that same day picked up the stray and took him to the local animal control facility. However, the officer hoped someone would claim the pet soon, as a stray, and with no interest from an adopter, the dog would probably end up on the list to be euthanized.

According to an online report published by The Examiner, once the car door was opened, the dog walked right inside the church and sat down as if waiting for services to begin.

The dog’s prayers were answered just one day after attending church. On November 18, 2013, Last Hope K9 Rescue rescued the canine from the pound.

The friendly no-name dog is now known as Preacher, and his future looks a lot brighter now that he is safe and on his way to finding a forever loving home.

Last Hope K9 Rescue said Preacher was examined a veterinarian and it was found the dog suffers from hookworms, skin infections, entropian and heartworm. Preacher is undergoing treatment and is receiving the best care he has ever known at a foster home.

If anyone is interested in offering Preacher the forever home we all think he went to church to pray for, please contact Last Hope K9 Rescue at [email protected].

You can also make an online donation at to help Preacher and other dogs the rescue group helps.