Fiona is named ASPCA Dog of the Year

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Remember Fiona, the 11 year old poodle mix who was found matted and dirty, infested with fleas, as well as blind in both eyes back in March?  Well, thanks to the help of thousands of compassionate supporters she is doing well and has just been named the ASPCA’s “Dog of the Year”.  It was Audrey and Eldad Hagar, founders of Los Angeles-based animal rescue group Hope for Paws, who first came to Fiona’s aid and raised funds from all over the world to help her.

Initially terrified, she sat frozen still in her own urine as her rescuers approached.  Remarkably, other than being blind she was uninjured and once she was cleaned up and rid of her fleas she was a different dog.  The sight in one was eye was restored through surgery soon after, and Fiona was adopted by Michele and Chris Gentry of Los Angeles.

Now she is happy and healthy and her story is a true testament to what an animal can endure, and how important a second chance can be.  She is in a loving home getting the love every dog deserves to have, and giving it right back to her adoptive parents.  The trio will will attend an awards luncheon in New York on Nov. 8 to celebrate the tribute.  There are thousands of dogs just like Fiona waiting for their second chance, hopefully all of them will be so lucky as to find their forever home soon.

10 thoughts on “Fiona is named ASPCA Dog of the Year”

  1. Awesome! How wonderful! So glad there are people around like these who care so much and make animals lives so much better! Thank you!

  2. I hope God blesses Michele and Chris Gentry for the rest of their lives for giving this sweet little dog a good home. It’s people like them who make the world a better place.

  3. Love to Fiona, her rescuers and the people who adopted her. Thank GOD for people who care about animals and show them the love they deserve.

  4. I’m so happy for Fiona. The biggest reason I’m writing and I know it’s a long shot and probably won’t be seen. I have a dog . He is about 10 years old. I take him to the vet regularly . He is completely blind in one eye and the cataract in the other eye , well, all 3 vets here say theres no way to save it. I believe they know I am of very low income and they are passing it off, for fear of me not paying. They say the closest eye surgeon is in Nolenseville Tennessee and I live in Tullahoma. They tell me I cannot afford the surgery. He is hitting everything with his head and I, well, I never stop crying . I CANNOT , I REPEAT I CANNOT EUTHANIZE my baby. I have had many surgeries and traumas and he has been under me through them all….and I want so much for him to be better. Just to see a little and walk. One vet said he has a slipped disk in the very end of his spine . But he does walk some . Well, quite a bit. But its killing me watching him suffer. I just wanted to write to see if anyone could help me . Thank you for reading and for your time. By the way, I am very good at taking care of infections and things that I can do things about. He eats, drinks his water, and uses the bathroom okay. Again, thank you. Candi Price


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