Fire Crews Stage Dramatic Rescue to Save Dog from Drowning

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A dog has been saved in an exhausting rescue effort after it spent nearly two hours trapped under a southeast Wichita bridge in rising flood waters.

Firemen were called after a man’s 100 lb. lab mix fell into the water and became trapped under a ledge, and immediately went to work trying to locate the dog when they arrived.

Photojournalist Travis Heying was on the scene. Employed by the Wichita Eagle, Heying expected a routine photo shoot when things took a very dramatic turn. The pictures below are from a series of tweets he sent, and offer a close-up look at a heroic effort to save the stranded canine, who was eventually freed after crews cut away the ledge with a hydraulic saw.

Local news affiliate WKSN had a camera rolling at the scene.

33 thoughts on “Fire Crews Stage Dramatic Rescue to Save Dog from Drowning”

  1. I am so glad all turned out well. I don’t why if there was a storm though the man would turn a “fidgety” dog loose. That made no sense. God bless those brave firefighters. Good job guys.

  2. I love and admire fire fighters (I work with them and know first hand), they are the most amazing and dedicated professionals with enormous hearts!

    Thank you for your bravery and persistence to save this frightened and lucky dog.

    I am so happy for Taz and his dad. Thank goodness you are safe!

  3. My boyz are currently thanking me for filling their bellies with chicken. Ones on my chest and one the back of the sofa licking me like crazy!


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