WA Motorcyclist Ticketed for Dog Endangerment

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Washington State Patrol trooper Russ Winger pulled over the driver seen in the photograph below on Tuesday.

Winger tweeted the photo from the scene. “This is not safe or legal,” the trooper tweeted. The driver was ticketed for endangering his dog.



71 thoughts on “WA Motorcyclist Ticketed for Dog Endangerment”

  1. This guy is a complete idiot. How dare he do that to his dog. I’m happy that he did get a ticket and the law in Washington is finally stepping up. I can only hope this fool doesn’t try something like this again.

  2. There are a lot of motorcycle riders who take their dogs with them and they have found ways to accommodate both their comfort and safety by using baskets, side cars, harnesses etc. So, there is no excuse for risking you dogs safety, so make a place for him to ride where he can be safe and still accompany you on your travels. This goes for putting dogs in pickup beds too.

    I can’t even believe you have to be told to do something that seems like common sense let alone your responsibility as a guardian of your canine’s welfare. This should be your first thought when including your dog in any of your activities.

    • You can’t believe people “have to be told to do something that seems like common sense”? Why do you think hair dryers need a label, “Do not use in bathtub or shower”….


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