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Amazing! Firefighter Saves Dog from Home Engulfed in Flames

by Katherine

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On September 28, 2014, a home in Flint, Mich., was destroyed by a fire. Nothing could be done to control the fire and save the property. The home was vacant and fortunately no human lives were lost that day, but a dog tied in a neighbor’s backyard needed firefighters to rescue him.

Firefighter Jeremy Yonan saves the dog.
Firefighter Jeremy Yonan saves the dog.


According to, Firefighter Jeremy Yonan was the one who rescued the young pooch. The rescue was captured on video and in it you can see Yonan carrying the dog toward Fire Engine 62.

The next day fire Battalion Chief Mark Kovach said the rescued dog belongs to someone in the neighborhood and he was “chained up in the rear of the house.”

“Because of the amount of heat being generated at the time, [the owners were] not able to go to the back of the house,” said Kovach. “Poor little guy took a lot of heat, it looked like.”

Fortunately the dog didn’t suffer any injures.

Watch the video rescue below.