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Firefighters and Police Rescue Dog From Storm Drain


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Police and firefighters in Elk Grove, California worked together to rescue a dog from a storm drain on Wednesday morning.

Early Wednesday morning a woman spotted the dog and tried to help it but when she picked up the dog it scared her so she put the dog back down.  The dog ran from the woman and fell into the storm drain. Another nearby resident, Tim Teal, tried to help the dog but when he got close to the dog it nipped him. “I went down in (the drain) and seen it,” said Teal. “I got scared ‘cause I thought it was going to bite me. It turned around and went back down the pipe.”

So firefighters and police were called to help the dog. They were able to pull the dog to safety. The dog was then taken to the Sacramento SPCA where he was cleaned and shaved. He did not have any tags or a microchip. If the dog is not claimed in ten days he will then be put up for adoption.