Firefighters Free Dog Stuck in a Wrought Iron Gate

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cooperCooper is a five-year-old chocolate lab that has a bad case of separation anxiety. This anxiety let him to break through a window, tear out a screen and get himself lodged in the wrought iron gate of his owner’s home.

Cooper was trying to get to his owner who had left the house when he somehow managed to fit his head and front half of his body through the bars of the gate before getting stuck. Animal Services and the San Diego fire department arrived on the scene to help Cooper. “How in the wolrd the dog got his head and shoulders through a 4-inch gap we’ll never know,” said Department of Animal Services’ Dan DeSousa.

Firefighters had to cut the bars of the gate to free Cooper, who was then taken by animal control officers to an emergency veterinarian to get checked out. Cooper’s owners met him at the vet, where he was said to be doing well.