Firefighters Rescue Dog from Quarry

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On October 27, 2013, a nine-month-old cocker spaniel named Ruby survived a horrific car accident in Denholme, Halifax, England. Fortunately, no one lost their lives in the accident, but Ruby was terrified, and when first responders opened the car door, the pet fled the scene.

Since the accident happened the dog’s owner searched the accident’s site, but they were unsuccessful in locating their beloved Ruby. Worried, the dog owners took to social media and asked the community to help them find their pet.

Hero firefighter rescuing Ruby from the quarry's ledge.
Hero firefighter rescuing Ruby from the quarry’s ledge.


Four days later a woman spotted a scared dog on the ledge of  Flappits Quarry, Denholme. Immediately, the Technical Rescue Unit at Cleckheaton Fire Station was dispatched and they were able to rescue Ruby.

The dog had been stranded on a narrow ledge half-way down a sheer 100ft face. Nine firefighters were assigned to the rescue and using a three-line system, a rescuer was lowered to the quarry’s ledge where Ruby was patiently waiting to be rescued.

After Ruby was secured, both the hero rescuer and pet were lowered to the quarry’s floor and Ruby was reunited with her worried owners.

“She was absolutely overjoyed to see them,” station manager Peter Lau told reporters.

The reunion was an emotional one. Firefighters and Ruby’s owners alike had tears in their eyes.