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Strangers Come Together to Help Dog Hit by Ambulance

by Katherine

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On Sunday night, October 13, 2014, Todd Lynch’s 3-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback named Spencer went missing from his James Island, SC home. Lynch never expected his dog to be hurt, but a few hours after disappearing from his home, the pet got hit by an ambulance and was left for dead on the road.

Thanks to the good actions of a local woman who witness the hit-and-run, and the help of social networking sites, Spencer got the veterinarian treatment he needed.

The accident happened on Folly Road, around 5:30 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 14.

According to Charleston County EMS Director Don Lundy, the ambulance was transporting a critically injured passenger when the accident happened. The ambulance driver was unable to stop and avoid hitting the dog. Swerving the ambulance could have resulted in the emergency vehicle flipping over, consequently, injuring many more people.

Spencer. This pictured was used on the Craiglist ad. Photo Credit: Todd Lynch
Spencer. This pictured was used on the Craiglist ad. Photo Credit: Todd Lynch


Protocol states that EMTs’ first priority is the safety of humans.

“I feel terrible for that,” Lundy told Post and Courier. “Our hearts jump in front of us for animals. But my fear is the ambulance would have rolled.”

Evaline Delson who was headed to work witnessed the accident. She saw the ambulance break-lights flash but the vehicle did not come to a stop. It slowed down and after hitting the pet it just kept on going.

Delson who couldn’t stop to rescue Spencer called her sister, Phillis Kalisky-Mair, and asked her to contacted authorities in order to rescue and save the dog’s life.

“I’ve never heard a howl or moan like that in my life,” said Delson.

The eye-witness expected the ambulance driver to contact someone to come back to the scene of the accident, but that never happened.

Lundy confirmed the driver did not report the incident, but since then, the driver has been informed that in the future he must contact authorities whenever the emergency vehicle causes an accident and cannot stop to offer help.

As soon as Delson called her sister, the Charleston County Animal Control was informed and officers were dispatched to the scene, locating and saving Spencer. The dog was taken to Charleston Animal Society.

Kalisky-Mair took to social media to inform the community about the injured pet. She hoped the pet’s owner could be located. Meanwhile, Lynch placed a Craiglist ad about his missing dog Spencer and soon after, Lynch and Spencer were reunited.

Lynch picked up Spencer from the Charleston Animal Society and transported him to James Island animal hospital. By now Spencer is almost fully recovered.

Once again animal lovers come together via social networking sites, making miracles happen.