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Firefighters Rescue Dog Stranded On 200 Foot Cliff


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Firefighters were the heroes once again when they rescued a stranded German shepherd that was found almost halfway up a 200 foot tall cliff.

Diamond went missing from her Kentucky home on Saturday night. A neighbor found Diamond, at first only hearing her bark before he was able to figure out exactly where she was. “I didn’t locate it the first time it barked and it had to bark 2 or 3 times,” said neighbor Gus Tolliver. “And then I said well that dog is really close, and I just happened to look up on the cliff there and see it.”

Diamond had no possible way of getting off the cliff on her own and firefighters were called in to help. Firefighters had to hike a quarter of a mile to the top of the cliff in order to rappel down to Diamond. “Our plans were to get up there and rappel down to the dog to see if maybe we could get a hold of it to rappel it on down,” said Fireman Michael Potter. “Once I got there and saw that it was calm and not hurt, I just put it on my chest and rappelled down with it.”

The rescue was caught on video and Diamond made it safely down the cliff unharmed and is now safe at home again with her very thankful family.