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Firefighters Rescue Dog That Fell in 26 ft. Deep Well

by Katherine

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On May 20, 2015, an entire neighborhood in Frias, Argentina, turned to the local firefighters to rescue a dog after the pet fell 26 feet into an uncovered well. After hours of failed attempts, the hero rescuers saved the dog and reunited him with his owner.

Around 10:00 p.m. that night, neighbors heard desperate cries coming from a well located in a construction zone. After checking, they realized a dog had fallen down and needed help.

Frias firefighters rescue dog from well.
Frias firefighters rescue dog from well.

Firefighters, José Luis Pinela, Javier Herrera, María Giménez, Luis Miguel Maldonado, Maximiliano Díaz, Christian Ahumada, Juan Eduardo Bertuzzi, Esteban Figueroa and Esteban Ahumada, all members of the Mobil Unit #2, were dispatched to area. They thought out a plan and worked for hours to retrieve the four-legged victim.

The rescue took longer than expected, but their efforts paid off and the pet was hoisted to safety.

Once retrieved, the canine was reunited with his owner.

Neighbors are calling the firefighters true heroes. In a nation where animal welfare is not a priority, these service men did not hesitate to come out and save the four-legged friend.