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Firefighters Rescue Man and Dog from Logjam

by Katherine

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John Wayne Hardison owns a tree service company in Penrose Community of Transylvania County, Pa. He and his black Labrador were out on the French Broad River evaluating a tree and debris cleaning project Hardison is planning to put a bid on when his dog fell into the water and got trapped in a logjam. Fortunately, the dog and the man were safely rescued by firefighters.

John Wayne Hardison and his dog. Photo Credit: News ABC 13
John Wayne Hardison and his dog. Photo Credit: News ABC 13

Hardison and his dog were inspecting the logjam when the bank they were standing on gave way and crumbled with the river’s current. The pet fell into the water, but fortunately, he was trapped in the logjam and current did not pull him further into deeper water.

Hardison walked along the mangled tree trunk to reach his pet. He successfully secured his companion and tried to find a way to bring him to safety.

The current was too strong for Harrison to attempt a rescue on his own. Instead, the dog owner called 911 and waited for professionals to pull him and his pet out the jam.

Within minutes, The Little River Swiftwater Rescue Crew arrived to help Hardison and the dog. Using a motorized pontoon boat, both were pulled to safety.

The dog and his owner were not injured in this accident. They were just a bit scared.