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Shelter Dog Adopts 8 Orphaned Puppies as her Own


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timberWhen a box of orphaned puppies was dropped off at an animal shelter another dog at the shelter adopted them and is caring for them along with her own two puppies.

In early November a German Shepherd named Timber was dropped off at the Langley Animal Protection Society in British Columbia. She had been hanging around a man’s property for several months and he had attempted to take her in but she kept escaping from his yard and he feared she would be hit by a car.

On December 6th Timber had an emergency C-section to give birth to two puppies. Only days earlier a box of orphaned puppies had been dropped off at the shelter. The puppies were estimated to only be about a week old. For the first few nights staff at the shelter bottle fed the puppies, but once Timber gave birth to her puppies the veterinarian at the shelter suggested the staff put the orphaned puppies with Timber to see if she would accept them.

Timber willingly took on all 8 orphaned puppies and is now caring for all ten puppies.

“So far she’s been great, she’s wonderful. She treats them all the same,” said Becky Hemphill, trainer and adoption counselor at LAPS.

The shelter set up a livestream, at first so staff could keep an eye on Timber and the puppies when not at the shelter, but soon the over a thousand people a day were watching the stream of Timber and her puppies.

You can watch the livestream of Timber and her puppies here.

If you would like to donate to LAPS to help care for Timber and all ten puppies, donations can be made through their website.