Firefighters Rescued Dog Stuck in Wall

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A mischievous dog in Lima, Peru, gets his head stuck in a concrete fence wall surrounding the canine’s house, when he introduced his head through a pipe to find out what was on the other side. Fortunately volunteer firefighters from La Molina B-96 came to the dog’s rescue.

The curious rottweiler was stuck in the wall for a few hours. Firefighters tried using lubricant to see if the dog could be pulled out of the wall but this was impossible.

Rescuers then decided to cut open the wall using mechanical equipment.

After carefully cutting the iron frame surrounding the pipe, and after breaking up the wall around the pipe, the dog was able to pull himself off the wall. However, the dog came out wearing the pipe around his neck.

Firefighters then tried cutting the pipe off the dog’s neck but the noise and vibration of the electronic cutting tool scared the roottweiler. They stopped and used a manual pipe cutter instead. This was a lot more comfortable for the dog to withstand.

The dog didn’t suffer any injuries but he might think twice next time he finds a hole in the wall and decides to put his head through it.