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Firefighters save Dog from Freezing Plunge in Lake

by Katherine

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On Jan. 22, 2014, firefighters from Rockville Centre, New York, saved a dog from its near death experience after the Labrador mixed pet fell into Hempstead Lake.

The canine named Teddy was walking with his owner Mary Ann Nesdill near the lake, but the curious dog broke free from its leash and wondered onto the frozen lake, falling into the freezing water.

Teddy warming up in an ambulance after being rescued.
Teddy warming up in an ambulance after being rescued.


Nesdill panic as soon as her pet fell in the lake. She could hear her four-legged friend howling in panic and pain. The pet owner knew rescuers would have to come out and help him.

After dialing 911 rescuers came and worked to save the pet. Teddy spent 30 to 40 minutes fighting for his life in the sub-zero waters, but thanks to firefighters, he is alive and well.

“It was very risky for the dog and it’s always risky for us, but the guys, they did a great job and they were able to secure the dog,” Assistant Fire Chief Brian Cook told WLNY.

Nesdill told reporters that the men who rescued her dog are her heroes and she will be keeping a closer eye on her pet from now on.

“He’s not going anywhere,” she said. “Maybe I will take him for some walks in the yard or up and down the block, but that’s it, he’s done.”