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Police Rescue Emaciated Dog After Neighbors File Multiple Complaints

by Katherine

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The life of a skinny, female, yellow Labrador, mostly kept outside with little protection from the elements, and tethered most of her life, came to an end on Jan. 30, 2014, when Illinois police came to her rescue.

The pet resided at 725 South 6th Street, in Quincy, Ill. For many years multiple neighbors reported animal neglect, but the pet was never removed from the property.

Illinois Police save emaciated dog.
Illinois Police save emaciated dog.


Neighbors were concerned the emaciated animal was kept outside no matter how hot or cold temperatures got. Other complaints suggested the dog did not have access to proper nutrition and its tether leash was too short.

According to Robert Goodwin, the pet owner, he was not violating any laws and the removal of his pet was unjust.

“I did everything in the book,” Goodwin told KHQA News. “The dog catcher even told me I’m doing a good job. I’m putting hay out there for her and bring her in once in a while. I got her vitamins. I feed her every night. It’s not my fault she doesn’t eat or drink. There’s my proof. She dumps her water. How is that my fault?”

Quincy Police Department Sgt. Kathy Schisler said the department was working towards getting the dog surrendered, but due to the involvement of county Aldermen, the dog was removed prior to the owner surrendering the pet willingly.

This incident is not Goodwin’s first encounter with the law. In 2007 he was found guilty of animal cruelty.

The Labrador appears to have a medical condition, but she will be checked by veterinarians and placed on a treatment plan.