First Dog Ready to Be President

by Katherine

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Animal lovers like ourselves love it when our Presidents introduce the First dog. We all go “aww” and start following the presidential pooch on the news and social media platforms to learn what the DOTUS (Dog of the United States) is up to, but our friends in Argentina and their new President Mauricio Macri, have one-up us on this coveted dog position. Argentina’s First Dog was not just chosen to keep the First family company, appear in public events and do cute photo ups. No, the First dog named Balcarce is ready to lead his nation and fight for the rights of Argentina’s animals. He does so straight from the presidential office and desk.

Photo credit: Mauricio Macri/Facebook
Photo credit: Mauricio Macri/Facebook

This week, President Macri took to Facebook to show how Balca (as he calls his pooch) is ready to serve the nation.

The President posted a pictured of the adorable pooch they adopted as a puppy last June, sitting on the Presidential desk at Argentina’s Casa Rosada (the equivalent of our White House).

The image had the following caption:
“…[Balca] is a symbol of the respect we have for all animals. He was at Casa Rosada and sat on the famous presidential couch. He is the first dog in Argentinean history to have claimed that chair. We are very proud of him.”

Congratulations Balca, you look awesome up on that chair. Now, don’t go marking it.