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Five-Year Stray Rescued from LA River

by Melanie

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3.16.14 - German Shepherd Rescued from LA River4

When Eldad Hagar gets a call for help, he always answers.  This time a German shepherd named Biggie, who spent five years as a stray, needed to be rescued from a 20-foot concrete embankment that had no escape for miles.  Eldad had to overcome his fear of heights and ladders to reach him, but with the help of some neighbors, was able to retrieve the dog.  Now Biggie needs a home.

“I got a call about Biggie while I was out of town, and I knew that I needed to rescue this dog as soon as possible,” Eldad explained to Lisa Taron, The Pet Blog Lady.  I called my friend Tiffany Norton from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, and she offered to take him right away.

3.16.14 - German Shepherd Rescued from LA River1

“As soon as I landed I took a taxi home, moved my luggage from the taxi to my rescue car, and headed out. I called Annie Hart from Bill Foundation while I was on my way, and she offered to join me.

“We spoke to neighbors, got a ladder (a broken one, so I used my Lucky Leash to hold the two pieces together.  It took a while, but I was able to convince Biggie to come to me. It was just a beautiful thing to see how he melted in my arms.

“Then the team of volunteers from above pulled him up. This is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, so it was really heartwarming to see a bunch of people take the time to help us out.”

3.16.14 - German Shepherd Rescued from LA River3

“When I was going down the ladder, I didn’t think about it too much… I had a mission in mind, and it was to go and get the dog. Once the rescue was done I had to go up, and as the ladder started shaking, I had a childhood flashback:

“When I was six years old, I climbed on a really tall ladder, and when I got to the top – I fell. Luckily, I managed to land without breaking any bones. HOWEVER as I hit the ground, I bit my tongue really bad. I walked home bleeding pretty badly, I was rushed to the doctor with a hole in my tongue, and the doctor’s instructions were: antibiotics, pain killers, and a strict diet of soft boiled eggs and ice cream for two weeks.

“This fall as a child created a fear from heights, but I am working on dealing with it, and Biggie really helped.”

Thankfully, Biggie wasn’t one of the worse cases Hope for Paws has seen.  He is a mellow gentleman, and warmed up to Eldad easily.

3.16.14 - German Shepherd Rescued from LA River2

“Currently Biggie can be a little shy, but after only a minute or two of introductions, he becomes a flawless companion. This guy is a quiet lover, a gentle friend and a subtle soul. He is kind, noble, adoring, affectionate and is seeking someone who wishes to receive and give the same,” Coastal German Shepherd Rescue said.  “Wrap your arms around him and you will feel him melting in your embrace. Hold him by his cheeks and you will see his love peering into your eyes. Biggie is very attentive on a walk, is always aware of your needs and will want to be by your side if at home or away. Biggie isn’t looking to set the world on fire anymore, just your heart.”

He has been getting along well with his foster family, but could use a place to call his own.  If you’re interested in adopting Biggie or another shepherd in need, please click here.