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FL Residents and Firefighters Rescue Stray from Drain Pipe

by Katherine

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On Feb. 10, 2014, an exhausted and starving, white, female, American Bull dog mix was rescued from a Cape Coral canal drainage pipe near 1755 Cape Coral Parkway East. The canine was spotted by two residents who were on their boats, and immediately called authorities to help the stranded pet.

Firefighters rescuing Daphne from canal drain pipe.
Firefighters rescuing Daphne from canal drain pipe.

“I saw Rick [Lazaro] was on his boat, so I hollered to him and told him there’s a dog [in] the sewer pipe there!” Dave McWhinnie, Fla., resident, told WINK News.

While the men waited for firefighters to arrive, Lazaro went closer to the stranded dog and tried to keep her calm.

“I kept calming the dog, just talking to her, buddy, don’t worry, the dog was actually fading putting her head down, she was so exhausted,” said Lazaro.

As soon as firefighters arrived at the canal they jumped in the water and saved the dog.

Daphne waiting for rescue.
Daphne waiting for rescue.

The canine was named Daphne and was taken to Lee County Domestic Animal Services (LCDAS). There, veterinarians evaluated her and determined she was underweight.

The weak pet was scanned for a micro chip but none was found. She was put on hold hoping someone would come forward and claimed her but as of Feb 12, 2014, no one had claimed ownership of the dog.

LCDAS has now made Daphne available for adoption. Anyone interested in adopting her can fill an online application at For inquiries on Daphne or information on who her previous owners might me, you can call 533-7387. Daphne’s animal ID number is A582800.