Florida Family Reunites with Missing Dog after Nine Years

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On April 15, 2014, the Hight family from Crestview, Fla., received a call from Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) they never expected. Their now 11-years-old Lhasa Apso dog named Maggie had been found, after the pet had been missing for nine years.

The canine and another stray dog were found by animal control officers in Holt, Fla. Both were taken in and scanned, but Maggie was the only one with an active microchip.

Maggie had been lost for nine years, but thanks to a microchip,  she is now back with her rightful owners.
Maggie had been lost for nine years, but thanks to a microchip, she is now back with her rightful owners.

A message was left for the Hights and the family thought it was just a mistake.

“I called thinking that it’s a German shepherd or something like that,” April Hight told The Gainsville Sun. But the found dog was Maggie, the Hights’ small, gentle dog who had broken out of their yard nine years ago.

The long lost pet received a veterinarian checkup and no major health issues were found, the dog’s fur however was very matter, she was underweight, and her body was covered with feces and dirt.

“It’s just a gift to have her back,” Hight said. “She’ll be able to live out the rest of her years loved and cared for and hopefully that’ll make up for the hopefully not all horrible years she had to live through to get back home.”

At the reunion, it seemed Maggie did not recognize her previous owner, April Hight, yet when the dog saw Hight’s husband, she immediately made a connection and her tailed wagged enthusiastically.

Thanks to a microchip Maggie is back home. The rest of her life will be filled with love, care and comforts.


4 thoughts on “Florida Family Reunites with Missing Dog after Nine Years”

  1. Another case of a dog being illegally kept by someone for years and NOT REPORTED FOUND? SHE HAD A CHIP!!!
    this is crazy. i’m so happy she was found but why don’t people HAVE to by law, report a dog that is found?

    • I think it’s wise not to pass judgement – she’s obviously still alive 9 years later, which means at some point she had someone caring for her. The article did not mention what type of chip she had. It’s possible that when she was found by the first set of folks, her chip was not one that could be picked up by the scanner used on her. My vet uses HomeAgain to chip pets, and our shepherd has an AVID chip from the shelter. Just 5 years ago, he showed me how his scanner wouldn’t read the AVID chip. Now their are scanners that can pick up multiple types of chips, but back then…

      Also consider that microchipping pets was not as common or advertised 9 years ago, so no one might have thought to scan her.

  2. the dog got loose not stolen. The article says NOTHING of any one ever illegally keeping the dog. The average person DOES NOT HAVE A SCANNER! No lost dog is ever going to get scanned automatically unless it is found by or taken to a shelter. If someone finds a dog & takes it to a vet they do not scan automatically. From my understanding they only scan if the person bring them in states they found the dog. Yes it is a shame most people don’t do the right thing when they find a dog but it is rarely malicious. It is typicality pure ignorance. Many people even in this day & age still do not know about microchiping or that they should look for one.


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