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Fort Myers Firefighters Pull Dachshund from Burning Apartment

by Katherine

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It was close to noon on February 15, 2015, when Fort Myers, Fla. firefighters arrived on 1415 Dean St. apartment complex to help put out a fire. Rescuers were told no persons were trapped in the fire, but little did the heroes know that a long-haired dachshund named Bailey was fighting for his life inside the smoke-filled residence.

While firefighters fought the flames the tenants informed the rescue unit there was a pet was trapped in the flames.

Photo Credit: Shirley Robinson/The News-Press
Photo Credit: Shirley Robinson/The News-Press


Firefighter Jorge Perez, entered the apartment in search for the pet and after a quick check found Bailey scared and trying to take cover from the flames and smoke. Perez was able to secure the dog and pull him to safety. Bailey was then reunited with his owner who thanked the hero rescuers for saving his pet’s life.

Authorities believe the fire originated from an electric stove in one of the units.