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Fortunate Dog Survives Dangerous Highway Encounter


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It was a near death experience for a chocolate lab dubbed “Charlie” last weekend on a dangerous stretch of highway in Florida. Thanks to Carrie Zack, his guardian angel, Charlie has been given a second chance after being hit by a car on I-95, the country’s most lethal highway.  It is nothing short of a miracle that Charlie survived his encounter, and Carrie Zack is nothing short of a hero for saving his life.

Zack was driving home last Sunday when she spotted the lab on the highway and witnessed him being hit by a car and tossed to the side of the road by the impact.  Unable to just drive away, she pulled over despite heavy traffic and gently coaxed him into her car.  “He was shaking like crazy, so I figured I’d better try to get him in the car, and I opened the door of my car, and I didn’t want to get out because there was so many cars. He was struggling, and I just kept calling and telling him it was OK, and he got into my car, and he immediately laid down on the seat.”

The injured dog was bleeding and Zack took him to Hollywood Animal Hospital where she agreed to pay for his treatment with her own money.  No one knew his name but the staff at the hospital were calling him “good luck Chuck”, which didn’t sit quite right with Zack, hence the name Charlie.

Since then, the Lab Rescue of Florida has stepped up to help with the cost of his treatment, and has found him a temporary home while they search for his family.   Charlie has made an incredible recovery, thanks to the compassion shown by Carrie Zack and the love bestowed upon him by everyone he has met.  “He’s like a new dog,” Zack said. “He’s happy. He’s wagging his tail, and you wouldn’t even have known anything had happened to him.”