Foster Dog Runs for Help to Save Collapsed Man

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7.12.13 - Hero Foster Dog

Chuck Weintraud was mowing his lawn in Cranberry Township, PA when he suddenly collapsed. Cloe, the mutt from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society Shelter he was fostering, immediately ran for help.

Everything that happens does so for karma or a higher power,” Chuck said. “All of the pieces came together.”

Cloe came to him a couple months ago after she had been found abused and neglected. He had essentially saved her life, and now she was returning the favor.

She was a traumatized dog, she was not used to people at all, and to break that trauma for her concern for me, and to go two, three hundred yards away and get the attention of another family and then literally draw them up here, it’s just amazing,” Chuck explained.

The Brock family, who lives across the street, heard Cloe’s urgent barking. Michael Brock attempted to leash her, but she kept backing toward her foster dad, trying to lead Michael to him.

The dog crossed the street and sat down,” he said. “I followed… this happened about another four times coming up to his driveway.”

Neighbor Charleen Deneen, a registered nurse, heard the commotion and went to investigate.

He was unresponsive… absolutely unresponsive, and not breathing, but he did have a pulse,” she said. “Cloe is a miracle… she really is.”

Chuck is now wearing a pacemaker after the incident. Eternally grateful to Cloe, he and is wife will continue to foster her until the perfect family comes forward to adopt her.

If you are interested in adopting Cloe, please contact the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.


7.12.13 - Hero Foster Dog2




9 thoughts on “Foster Dog Runs for Help to Save Collapsed Man”

  1. I hope you sir Chuck Weintraud, that you keep Cloe with you. She has saved your life that means that CLoe has already made a bond with you for life. =)

  2. Cloe needs to stay with Chuck and his wife. She’s earned that right by saving Chuck’s life and I can’t even begin to imagine how traumatized she’d be by having to leave the family. C’mon folks, you can do this.

    • I agree. She’s earned her right, a spot in the family. How ungrateful if they don’t keep her. God is speaking. He put the 2 of you together for a reason, and everything happens for a reason. Chuck, you better listen to God. After all, you could be in the hospital as a vegetable, racking up astronomical bills or even worse…Dead. God don’t like ugly. Keep this Dog!

  3. I find it very disappointing that they do not want to adopt Cloe. Not many people would let a dog go once the dog had saved their life.

  4. It’s a shame he doesn’t want to keep Chloe. It’s also a shame that this article doesn’t mention that Chloe is a pit bull mix.

  5. Keep her..She is a beautiful loving dog and is so dedicated to you..She went out of her comfort zone to get help for you..Not surprised she is a pittie mix..They are the most loving dogs ever..

  6. I guess you saved her from the shelter and now she has saved you from your heart attack. Eye for an eye. But you still owe her your life. You fostered her, out of kindness for the animals and she saved you because a dog loves their master more than it loves itself. You owe it to her to keep her. I think if you don’t, your a horrible person. You and your family are the ones who saved her and gave her hope in humans again.


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