Fireman Rescues Dog Trapped on Window Ledge

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7.12.13 - Dog on Window Ledge

The Fire Department of New York had a crowd of spectators holding their breath as they watched one fireman patiently gain the trust of a scared dog trapped on a window ledge.

Witnesses said the dog appeared to have escaped out of a second-story window, but was unable to climb back in because of the window guard. New York City law states that apartments where children live must have a window guard.

He must have wiggled through and couldn’t figure out how to get back in,” said James Morgan, the witness who caught the dramatic rescue on video.

Passersby noticed the dog, teetering on the six-inch ledge, and began to gather around. The FDNY was called in and cleared the area under the window to pull right up under it.

The dog lost his footing several times as apprehensive onlookers watched, helplessly.

It was pretty nerve-wracking,” Morgan said.

A firefighter ascended toward the dog in a cherry picker, but descended to gather a leash, some water and treats. He offered water to the dog, and slowly gained its trust enough to pet it.

He clipped a leash to the dog, and after steadying himself in position, scooped the dog into the bucket lift.

The crowd erupted into relieved cheers for the heroic fire team.

Morgan said the dog was immediately brought inside, but it is unknown if the owner was in the building.


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6 thoughts on “Fireman Rescues Dog Trapped on Window Ledge”

    • Exactly. Chow Chows are NOT welcomed in so many places. They are known for being protective of their owners, leery of strangers, and intensely loyal…but what many people don’t know is that they can be incredibly GENTLE, as well. Think of them as Teddy Bears with lots of teeth…and a heart of a lion! We have 4 here right now, 2 are rescues. GREAT DOGS, but only for owners who can earn the respect of such independently minded dogs.

      The police would have shown up and said, oh its a Chow. Let’s just shoot it…too “risky” to save.

  1. Agreed about Chows being intensely loyal dogs with a gentle demeanor. We had a Chow/Lab rescued from a shelter. She was our family dog when my children grew up. She never attacked anything, but she did protect my son from a nutty cockapoo who raced out of its yard at him. She didn’t kill the dog. Just put her mouth on its back and picked it up and tossed it. It ran away. Neighbor decided my Chow was mean. How insane is that? Chow lived 16 years and we were loyal to her as well. Best. Dog. Ever. Glad she was a mix though. Chows have a thick, long haircoat. My Chow/Lab was double-coated but without the long topcoat.


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