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Found Chicago Helping Disabled Dogs Find New Homes


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henryFound is a non-for-profit center in Chicago that is helping disabled homeless dogs find new lives. The center takes in many dogs that other rescues don’t have the resources for and rehabs them and then find them good home.

Found’s mission statement is simple, “Rescue. Rehabilitate. Re-home.”  The dogs they rehabilitate have all sorts of special needs. Some are blind, some have heart conditions, some have behavioral issues, and no matter what the issue Found does what they can to help them. “We have quite a great success stories, and some of these dogs – just behaviorally, you know – once they learn to live in the world, they’re just like a normal dog, and they get adopted fairly quickly,” said Found director of development Andrea Tosone.

Henry is a blind pit bull but with the help of Found he isn’t letting his disability slow him down. “We cleaned him up. We put some weight on him, taught him some manners,” said senior rehabilitation counselor and dog trainer Jeff Jenkins. Henry didn’t just learn some manners though; the blind dog loves the agility course and can successfully navigates it. “Pound for pound, he’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever worked with – whether seeing or not – he’s fantastic,” said Jenkins.

Henry’s work with Jeff has paid off and he is now ready for adoption, though Found will make sure they find the right home for him. “I’m not going to let him go easy,” said Jenkins. “This is a great dog. You better be a good dog owner if you want to take my Henry.”

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