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Four-Legged Train Passenger Leaves Forever Home and Returns to Foster Family

by Katherine

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In July of 2013 we brought to the story of Pedro or “Pepe” as many call this lovable and unusual train commuter. Well, it seems Pedro made headlines again when he escaped his forever home, not once but three times, just to return to the foster family.

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Pedro back when he was a stray on the train.
Pedro back when he was a stray on the train.


This smart canine learned how to use the train in Valparaiso, Chile, and for quite some time outsmarted train security and traveled on the train while catching up on his sleep. The dog just wanted a warm and comfortable spot to relax, and hundreds of train commuters allowed the pet to stretch out on the seats while they were on their way to work.

Many locals feel in love with him and they wanted nothing better than to find this friendly stray a forever home.

Leonor Zamora successfully rescued him from the train and fostered the pet at her home while a responsible new owner was found. The commuter dog spend 6 months with Zamora but by the end of 2013 a new owner and home was found quite some distance from Zamora’s own home.

Anyone would think this is the perfect happily-ever-after to this story, but it seems Pedro had wished for other living arrangements.

A month after placing Pedro in his new home, his rescuer started receiving phone calls letting her know that they had seen the dog back on the streets, but Zamora said that was impossible.

This February she contacted Pedro’s new owner and the rumors about the run away dog were all true.

“The first time Pedro ran away, he was close to home,” Pedro’s new owner told Zamora. “The second time, he was sitting at a bus stop as if waiting for the bus to take him somewhere, and the third time he was back at the train station.”

According to La Estrella Pedro recognized his foster mom as soon as the two were reunited. Since that day, the canine has not left Zamora’s home and the foster mom decided to make it official and keep him as her own pet.

“I can’t explain how he traveled the distance he did,” said Zamora. “All I could think is that as a commuter dog he took the bus to the train station in an effort to come back home.”