Fourth Graders Build Dog Houses To Help Pets in Need

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How old you have to be to help animals in need? If you ask the fourth grade students from High Tech Elementary in San Diego, Calif., they’ll say you don’t have to be old at all. These nine- and ten-year-old students are building dog houses to donate to the San Diego Humane Society. These homes will be used by low income families with four-legged family members.


The idea to get children involved in learning not only the school’s curriculum but also life skills came about when first year teacher Michelle Jaconette spent 10 days building a house. Jaconette wanted her students to have a similar experience and after asking students how they wanted to help others, the fourth graders agreed to do a project where the beneficiaries were pets in needs.

High Tech Elementary teamed up with the San Diego Humane Society to have the fourth grade class building five dog houses they’ll donate. The organization will then gift these to low income families with pets in need.

“Three main things people need are food, water and shelter,” one of the fourth graders told ABC 10 News. “And some dogs don’t have shelter but they have the rest of the stuff like food and water.”



The children say the building project is hard work but very rewarding. They are not only learning basic building skills and mastering their hammering, drilling and sanding methods, they too are learning the greatest lesson of all – to be compassionate.

These kids are getting ready to be outstanding adults, pet owners and why not future animals advocates.

The dog houses are scheduled to be ready before the end of the school year.