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Senior Chow Mix in “Fospice” Will Be Loved ’til the End of His Days

by Melanie

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3.10.16 - Max Will Be Loved Forever1


This comes from Foster Dogs, a non-profit corporation that helps shelter dogs find foster homes:

In September, we shared Max’s special story to our blog. His elderly owner had recently died, and Max had nowhere to go. His family was out of options, and reached out to Foster Dogs to see if Max could enter our Fospice program.


3.10.16 - Max Will Be Loved Forever3


Typically, dogs in this program are near the end of their lives, and have just a few months to live due to terminal illness or being in an advanced geriatric state (see: Betty White, Biscuit, Marilyn, Gina). Max is healthier than our typical Fospice recipients, though we could not turn our back on this sad senior guy who had just lost his best friend. He was stressed, itchy (due to a skin condition), and nearly homeless.

Soon after posting Max to Instagram, we received an email that changed Max’s life forever: “We would love to be a forever home for this sweet boy.” Brooklynites Laura and Aubree welcomed Max into their home, to accompany Great Pyrenees (Harper) and resident cat (Toni).


3.10.16 - Max Will Be Loved Forever2


With the blessing of Max’s family, Aubree and Laura picked him up and showed him a wonderful new life in Brooklyn. Despite his large size, Max fit in beautifully; Toni (the cat) was slightly more skeptical than her dog counterpart Harper, understandably. Max is healthier and happier than he’s been in a long time. His skin condition has cleared, his fur looks fluffier than ever, and life is GOOD. Max has a sizeable backyard where he can bask in the sunshine at his leisure.

Professional photographer Stacey Axelrod visited our boy Max in his home, where his family got to show off their smiles and joy with a photography session. We are so grateful to all the people who helped Max get to this point, and cannot thank Stacey enough for capturing this beautiful Fospice family.


3.10.16 - Max Will Be Loved Forever4


Though Stacey typically shoots for the ASPCA, she took time out of her schedule to support our organization. The photographers in our Fospice program donate their time and services, making the Fospice experience so much more incredible for the people involved. See Beau’s Fospice photo session, also by Stacey Axelrod.

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3.10.16 - Max Will Be Loved Forever5