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Free New App for Cute Dog Costumes

by Melanie

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12.9.12 Snappet

Are your dogs tired of being stuffed into uncomfortable and embarrassing costumes for those yearly holiday photos?  Snappet is a new app that will save you the frustration and your dog the shame of being seen by his friends in the doggie version of Ralphie’s mortifying pink bunny suit.

No one enjoys being scratched by a cat, and now you can say goodbye to shredded arms by checking out Snappet’s awesome accessories.  Just upload an already adorable photo of Orion or Snowball II and accessorize them to your liking, without having to see those sweet eyes staring pitifully up at you as you desperately try to stuff them in a Santa suit.  In addition to Christmas apparel, Snappet can also display your animal in a picture frame wearing sunglasses, bowties, crowns and more.

Keep in mind, this app is not just for dogs and cats!  Lizards, hamsters, armadillos and snakes can all look spiffy in a fetching hat or bow tie.

Snappet is not yet available for Android, but can be found on iTunes here:

For more information, please visit their Facebook page at: