Stray Dog Guides People Home, and Occasionally, Saves Lives

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Ocean Grocery in the historic district of Church Hill in Richmond, Virginia is not your typical convenience store.  This store is special because it has someone to walk patrons home at night – a Border Collie called Midnight.

“I love that dog,” Janice Tucker said.

Midnight is a stray dog that has been frequenting the store since he was a puppy.  Customer Dale Jackson said she’s known him for about 16 years.  Janice says he is a special dog, who has saved her life on two separate occasions.

According to Janice, she was in the store and, “got some ice, came back and fell on the floor and foam was coming out of my mouth.”

Shop clerk Ali Mohamed added, “She just fell down.  I was like, ‘what’s going on?’  She had a seizure.”

He called the paramedics, but in the meantime, Midnight went to work.

“That right there was what saved me,” Janice said, pointing to her guardian angel.  “Midnight!  He licked me twice and brought me back to life.”

Janice suffered another seizure in her back yard, and once again, Midnight came to her rescue.

“He licked me again,” she said, laughing.

Ali is not always his biggest fan, though.

“I see him every day,” he said, smiling. “Sometimes he gives me a hard time.  He goes inside the store, he runs around and I have to chase him and all that stuff.  He makes me crazy.”

Border Collies, the Lassie dogs, are known for their herding and protective instincts.  Not having anywhere but a street corner to call
home, Midnight has adopted the Ocean Grocery customers as his own family, and looks out for them.

“He’ll walk me down to the corner down there and make sure I get home,” said customer Dee.  “I really don’t like dogs, but he’s on the money.”

“Everybody thinks we’re just a bunch of drunks just hanging around,” said William “Shorty” Monroe, another regular.  “But it’s not like that.  We’re a family out here.”

When asked who feeds Midnight, the crowd responded in unison, “Everybody!”

8 thoughts on “Stray Dog Guides People Home, and Occasionally, Saves Lives”

  1. What a sad life. 16 years and no one took this dog in? Living on a street corner is not a good or proper life.

  2. very sad story indeed!the dog is protecting this store and his customers and not even one person in 16 years thought to adopt him?

  3. Beautiful sweet dog but he needs a FOREVER HOME—16 years wandering the streets and none of those people care enough to take him in nd give hm what he needs and wants most a real HOME DOES HE GET MEDICAL CRE AND FLEA PROTECTION AND HIS NEEDED SHOTS????? GOD MUST BE WATCHING OVER HIM—BECAUSE THESE HUMANS ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! poor baby

  4. I agree with all of u.. sadly it seem that the ones who feeds him are also homeless… but the one that stated he walks her home.. now that is one cold hearted person.. the dog saved this person numerous times “in her back yard even” but she don’t like dogs….how friggin gross is that…16 yrs and this dog still waits for his forever home…and they write about it like they are hero’s… not in this life time will any of them be a hero to this sad,lost,lonely pup………I hate people who think animals can make it on their own……….

  5. Sadly..I don’t think these people deserve this dog! I just have one word for these people: RESPONSIBILITY!!!


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