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Friday the 13th is a Lucky Day for Treize

by Katherine

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For those who believe in superstitions, Friday the 13th is never a lucky day, but for a stray dog from Shawville, Canada, this past Friday the 13th was the best day of his life. Treize (French for 13) is a malnourished Boxer who shouldn’t be alive. He is described as skin and bones, but somehow the formerly unlucky dog found help on the notorious unlucky day and is now on his path to recovery.

According to Ottawa Citizen, an SPCA patrol officer was out on a walk near the woods of Shawville, when out of the brushes along Highway 303, the starving dog appeared.

Photo credit: Ottawa Citizen
Photo credit: Ottawa Citizen

The officer was surprised and at first though rescuing the sick dog would be difficult, but the severely malnourished pet welcomed the rescuer and was more than happy to go to the shelter with the officer.

Weighing just 35 lbs. when he should be about 75 lbs, Treize was rushed to a vet. There experts discovered that his muscle mass is almost completely gone, the dog suffers from anemia, dehydration, weak bones, parasites, worms, cuts and much more. Blood tests and other exams are still being done to determine the extent of his ailments.

Even though the stray has no reason to smile or love, his tail never stops wagging and he welcomes human touch, love and attention.

“It’s going to take months. We’re talking about a very long, difficult recovery,” said Karine Dunnigan, assistant director of the SPCA, but rescuers believe Treize will get 100 percent healthy because he has “a surprising amount of determination.”

Friday the 13th might be an unlucky day for many, but for Treize, that day was the day his life turned around for good.